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Akses company operates on the market already ten years. Akses is a company for the project cycle management and education. The company is certified by the Ministry of Interior as educational institution and has registered some certified educational programmes (Project cycle management). We keep developing new training programmes with a focus on utilization the latest ICT in our e-learning modules.

In 2006 the company has become a member of IDEAS - International Development Evaluation Association (www.ideas-int.org), international association focusing on good practice development and evaluation capacities building.

The company has extensive experience from evaluation of programmes funded by EU (from PHARE through Interreg IIIA, IIIC up to structural funds - operational programmes, joint programming document). Akses co-operates in international evaluation projects on methodology design and ensures targeted expert activities and research for international partners.

Akses contributes hand in hand with its growing experience by transfer of the Czech/EU expertise in development actions abroad. We build on our know-how and experience from transition process of the Czech Republic and develop solutions for projects delivered in new accessing countries at Balkan (Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania).

The company offers its clients innovative approach when answering to pressing questions related to organisational change and regional development issues. Akses through its connection to international expertise offers knowledge and experience from a number of projects funded by European Community.

We specialize in project identification, project design incl. feasibility studies, project appraisal, project management, and monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects.

The company partner was deployed long-term regional coordinator for NUTS II-Southeast in the "ABCap project" - Finalising of Structures and Measures to Increase the Absorption Capacity at the Regional and National Levels. The main goal of the project was to establish structures and a project pipeline for 3 Operational Programmes for effective utilization of Structural funds in the Czech Republic.

Our clients are state administration (Ministry for Regional Development, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs), regional authorities, municipalities and private bodies.


"making things happen"

Akses takes the initiative and pushes the process from needs analyses through tailored solutions up to their successful implementation. We do not stop half way. We provide complex solutions.

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